Agent And Editor Wish List

#MSWL is a hashtag on Twitter that stands for Manuscript Wish List. It’s used by both agents and publishers to let people know what they are looking for. The tweets are archived here on the Tumblr page.
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Choose your own adventure YA and MG graphic novel. 4th time’s the charm?


Black Forest inspired story for children. MG or YA fiction.


Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse inspired craft book. 3rd time’s the charm?


I’d love a book with the uncanny, cloistered, compelling tone of The
Likeness (or re-tellings a la Tam Lin). SFF a plus, adult or YA


More fantasy with non-Western influenced settings, always. #MSWL YA/Adult, eg Shadow&Bone or the Dreamblood duology—give me new mythology!


I’d love to see a LGBTQ+ with a mind-blowingly awesome plot. And as
always, I wouldn’t say no to a little romance thrown in, too :)


A contemporary SWEET VALLEY TWINS series.


Seconding. “Feminist Dieselpunk/Noir SF would be pretty kick-ass.”


I’d love to see a YA science fiction with a tone similar to FRINGE. A
female lead character like Olivia Dunham would be a nice bonus.


Don’t watch YENTL! Write me a new YENTL!