Agent And Editor Wish List

#MSWL is a hashtag on Twitter that stands for Manuscript Wish List. It’s used by both agents and publishers to let people know what they are looking for. The tweets are archived here on the Tumblr page.
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If your book is a coming of age story with moral dilemmas, a strong setting & sense of place—it’s for me. 


Any spec-fic where the world isn’t all about gender binary (ala ANCILLARY JUSTICE). But esp. epic fantasy. 


Novels in verse, really poetic writing. 


F/F historical romance, uncommon setting and/or era; again, not centered around coming out - unique concept + strong romance! 


If your book has dark & twisty family secrets that when revealed change the characters forever—it’s for me. 


a YA with a whole family intact and an ineffable, funny parent and child relationship.


Heists, Pirates, Spies 


As always, anything at the corner of creepy and domestic a la Shirley Jackson!


Small town hysteria novels! Love, love, love ‘em!


I’m on the lookout for YA, NA, or Adult that alternates POVs like a boss. Character development, perspective, & voice.