Agent And Editor Wish List

#MSWL is a hashtag on Twitter that stands for Manuscript Wish List. It’s used by both agents and publishers to let people know what they are looking for. The tweets are archived here on the Tumblr page.
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In nonfiction, I am generally obsessed with medical breakthroughs. Like,
I love reading about a new drug that helps fight ___


In women’s fiction, I want my heart to be pulled out of my chest, thrown
around for a bit, then put back whole and happy.


In any ms I seek engaging voice. I’d like to see more PoC, queer,
gender-nonconforming, and otherwise non-cookie-cutter perspectives.


In fantasy, make sure your world is unique, interesting, and well
thought out. I want to be able to imagine living there


Send me your smart, funny YA contemp romance, your clever literary MG,
your upmarket YA horror.


Relationships in which the members respect each other, whether they are
romantic or platonic relationships.


I will tell you what I am ALWAYS looking for. I need strong, feisty,
smart female characters. I like protagonists who know their worth


A more inclusive Venture Bros.-esque graphic novel series would be


I’d be ecstatic to see something where a geeky and/or badass techie
protag gets caught up in adventure


I’d also love to see a YA “Contagion,” where a couple is
supposed to be kept apart by an outbreak, but then…